What’s the best
way to go?
Seed vs. Sod:
Why haul sod around when we have the perfect conditions in the northwest for growing grass right in your own yard?
Lots of people assume sod is the best way to go because you get instant results. But it doesn’t take that much longer to grow a lawn from seed. Usually, in less than three weeks our seed-grown lawns will be full and green. The reason is because our seed is pre-germinated--a Perfect Lawns exclusive.
And, even though sod lawns look ready to use the day they’re installed, they’re not. You need to wait up to three weeks for the sod to take root before you can use your lawn--the same time as our seed-grown lawns.
Another big advantage of Perfect Lawns, is that we’ll recommend exactly the right blend of seed types for your soil structure, drainage, and sun exposure. Can’t do that with sod.
One last thing: When you grow a Perfect Lawn from seed, you aren’t contributing to the waste of fossil fuels that go into farming and hauling a sod lawn. So whose lawn is the greenest?
Made in the shade: A Perfect Lawn 14 days after the seed was planted.
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